World Renew is an international, faith-based charitable organization focused on long-term poverty alleviation, disaster response, and justice education. With home offices in the U.S. and Canada. World Renew has 70 international partners in 29 countries where we have 60-plus years of experience in food security, economic opportunity, community health, peace and justice, and both emergency aid and long-term rebuilding in natural and human-caused disasters. While reaching out through local partners to assist people living in poverty, World Renew builds our partners’ organizational capacity in program, financial, and board management so that their work in their local communities will continue long after our role is complete.

As a mid-sized non-profit organization in North America, World Renew encompasses about 100 positions that include both domestic and international employees with a wide variety of assets, including systems and programmatic specialties. Annual income is around $50 million USD from donations, grants, and other tax-exempt giving. World Renew holds membership in good standing with non-profit and oversight networks including financial, government, voluntary, oversight, and peer organizations.

If you are compelled by God’s deep passion for people and creation to renew hope by shifting power, reconcile lives through communities that thrive together, and restore creation by bringing people and the environment into harmony, join us! In our work and lives, we value faith, effectiveness, stewardship of resources, and people flourishing.